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Lessons learned building Recipe Box




Andrew is a software developer and engineering manager with a love for building independent apps. He was the CEO of the recipe storage app RecipeBox before it was acquired by He spent the last year at eMeals completing integration duties after his acquisition and serving as Head of Mobile Product for eMeals’ core product.

He’s currently working on his next projects Secret Stash, a secure content storage app, and Mockingbird API, a mock API service that streamlines integration time between frontend and backend teams.


In this talk, Andrew will cover what it's like building recipe box. These include these points:

  • Ideation
  • Learning new skills
  • Designing a product and cutting to MVP
  • Getting to market quickly
  • Finding a partner
  • Acquisition process
  • What parts of an app to standup (e.g. technical support)

Dessert Time

A cooler segment where we talk about topics not related to the main segment

  • Vincent - Tampa Devs retirement
  • Andrew - learning how to play piano
  • German - Parent leaving and going back to work

Social Media

Download: recipebox.mp3