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First Developer Jobs




And how to get your first job!

Especially if you never programmed before. How do you get started? What does it take for an employer to take a chance on you?

In this episode, we cover our work histories before starting our careers in software! How we transitioned from working in the restaurant industry to the online courses we took. Followed up with applying to jobs, dealing with rejections, and finally accepting an offer!

After that, we cover what working in the software industry feels like! What things we learned on the job, our struggles in transitoning, and a post mordem of what we'd tell our past selves


  • 00:30 - Intro End
  • 01:57 - Vincent as a kitchen designer
  • 03:20 - Vincent's first open source scripts
  • 04:22 - German working as a kitchen manager before coding
  • 06:22 - Learning on freecodecamp
  • 09:31 - Interview hustles
  • 14:55 - First day at official software job
  • 20:50 - What we learned in first few weeks in new environment
  • 22:30 - Working at a web agency
  • 25:00 - Advice to our past selves
  • 30:00 - Dessert time! Skateboarding and fatherhood
  • 33:56 - Outro Start

Download: first_developer_jobs.mp3