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Career progression of a Tech Lead whose startup was acquired for $187MM




Caleb Mellas is a Senior Software Engineer and Tech lead at Olo, Inc – a billion dollar restaurant company. He’s ran a freelancing business for 3 yrs, went from graphic designer to frontend engineer to full stack engineer and now headed towards engineering manager. One of his favorite opportunities was being one of 8 engineers at a hyper-growth startup called Wisely that 4x’d their revenue and had a 9 figure acquisition.

Hobbies include: music (piano and drums), kayaking, weightlifting, spending time with my 6 yr old kid I live in Orlando, FL, grew up in Chicago.


In this talk, Calleb will talk about his experiences and insights as a Tech Lead. These include:

  • What brought you into software?
  • What were your first roles like and what was your biggest learnings from them.
  • How did you grow into a senior eng and team lead.
  • How did you end up at Wisely?
  • Moving into team lead at a larger org.
  • The linkedin influence life: Curious to know your why.

Dessert Time

A cooler segment where we talk about topics not related to the main segment

  • Vincent - Tattoo
  • Calleb - Learning drums
  • German - School life

Social Media

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