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Building a software developer community




In this episode, we dive into what running a developer meetup is like with two experts in building developer communities, Jacques Fu & Brian Rinaldi!

The history of Orlando Devs


Jacques & Brian talk about the origin of Orlando Devs as a meetup and its growth into the non-profit that it is today.


Vincent reminisces about our (almost) daily meetup routine in the past and how that led to German and him breaking into the industry via networking.


Brian covers the experience of running online meetups and how it contrasts with in-person meetups.

The origin behind Tampa Devs


Vincent covers the inspiration and origin behind Tampa Devs.

What challenges have you run across as an organizer?


From Jacques perspective:

  • Turning the meetup into a non-profit.
  • Getting everyone on board with things.
  • Finding the time.
  • Dealing with disputes within the community.

From Brian's perspective:

  • Dealing with the slack group.
  • Finding venues.
  • Finding speakers.
  • Funding the food and sometimes venue.

From Vincent's perspective:

  • Finding sponsors.

What lessons have you learned?


From Brian's perspective:

  • Running conferences is very, very difficult.

From Jacques perspective:

  • You have to do it for inner fulfillment.
  • Do it at a scale that you can handle.

Dessert Time

Vincent talks about getting his ear pierced! German is now back in the gym picking things up and putting them down. Brian is excited about the upcoming Halo release. Jacques has been enjoying his remarkable tablet.

Social Media

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