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Automatic code generation and challenges running a startup!




In this episode, we dive into automatic code generation and what it is like to run a startup with Paritosh Gupta, founder of CopyCat, a tool to convert your Figma designs into React components.

What is CopyCat


It is a Figma plugin to automate converting designs into React components.

The goal is to provide a starting point, not do all the work for the dev.

Started for Swift UI but transitioned to UI

General Technical Questions

05:00 So, what is CopyCat?

08:00 How does it work?

13:00 Who is your target market?

17:30 How do you deal with paddings and other sizings?

20:00 How do you diff designs?

22:30 How does the machine learning aspect of the product work?

24:00 What do you think about other tools like GitHub Codepilot?

What is it like running a start-up?

29:00 What have been your challenges with running a start-up?

34:00 The importance of mental health to be an effective leader.

41:00 Managing people as a developer.

47:30 How do maintain a company culture remotely

Dessert Time

51:00 Vincent built a new PC!

52:30 German is remodeling his backyard.

54:00 Tosh has been trying out game streaming!

Social Media

Download: copycat_dev.mp3